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Netflix’s Atelier (2015)

Netflix has arrived here in the Philippines and I certainly felt like a kid during her first time at a candy store, with all the TV series and movies available at a tap. But one of the shows that caught my eye was Atelier. (If this is too long, here’s the TL;DR version found at the end.)

Atelier (2015)

[lightbox]Mayuko moved to Tokyo and finds a job at Emotion, a couture lingerie boutique in Ginza. Atelier is a workplace-based coming of age series where Mayuko finds herself and figures out what she really wants to do.

Emotion at Ginza, Tokyo
Emotion at Ginza, Tokyo

I finished all 13 episodes in no time. Some thoughts: I can’t stand the underwear in the show! I can’t stand it. It looks really outdated and chunky and although they are silk and lace and surely well made, there’s just no way I will ever wear lingerie that looks like this:

Other than that, everything else seems pretty realistic. It’s a cute story overall. President Nanjo looks strikingly like Anna Wintour:

Mayu is a fabric geek, love her little collection of fiber samples.

She knows nothing about garment construction and no one seems to really teach her how but somehow she can make a pair of bras just fine.

She also seems to pick up on patternmaking pretty quickly, too, lol.

Super cute charms.

Hello Japanese organisation.

I want her thin style line tape.

Watch it if you’re interested in fashion and the business of fashion, it’s pretty realistic. I can’t count the times I could really relate to their problems and situations. The show also shows modern Japanese culture. Lots of sights around Ginza area.

The only thing I really did in Ginza was eat this filled mochi:

Mochi at Ginza, Tokyo
Mochi at Ginza, Tokyo

Oh and I did see a lingerie shop in Marunouchi, I even took a photo of! Now this is cute underwear!

Lingerie store at Marunouchi in Ginza, Tokyo
Lingerie store at Marunouchi in Ginza, Tokyo

It kinda made me miss and want to go back to Tokyo. If only for the food:

YUM | Atelier (2015)

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Really liked it, it's a cute story! Watch if you're interestd in fashion, the business of fashion or all things Japan.

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