One day while browsing stuff, I came across a link about a place called Borawan. It said it’s called Borawan because it’s got sand like Boracay and limestone cliff formations like Palawan. So Boracay + Palawan = Borawan. Sold!

Night Before

We booked an Airbnb in Makati the night before the drive so we can all be at one place and leave early. The place we found was a great location, it was very clean and the host was nice.

Getting There

Several guides we read said it takes about 4-5 hours drive from Manila to get to Borawan. There are other ways to get there, but we went on a roadtrip (Vinx driving). You can’t really get lost anymore now, with Google Maps on every phone. Google says it takes less than 4 hours, but with stops for food and to buy things, it’s safe to say that it takes about 4hrs.

We made a wrong turn. Lol. My fault. I knew we were supposed to take a boat from Padre Burgos to get to Borawan beach itself but I saw a route outlined on Google Maps and so we thought we were being so clever. That instead of going all the way around to the other side (Padre Burgos) and get on a boat, we can just go through Pagbilao Grande Island and drive to Pagbilao Chica Island all the way to Borawan beach.

We got as far as Pagbilao Chica Island but the road just disappeared when trying to cross to the other side of the island. It was a really pretty route though. Through bridges, limestone formations, grasslands, lots of animals and doggos and goats. But yeah, we had to turn around, and go do the original plan.

So we hopped on a boat and went on our way to Borawan.

The Beach

Ok so, first impressions:

  • Ahhh at last we’re here..
  • It’s pretty, secluded and quite empty. No other tents when we got there at 9am.
  • The sand isn’t Boracay sand. It’s not powder fine, but made of larger, coarse sand, with big and medium pieces of corals. You will need water shoes to swim, but if you’re careful I guess you can go barefoot. 2 friends out of the 5 of us got cuts from the corals so..
  • Beach guard is friendly and smiley, he gave us the best spot- in between limestones. Big scary gun he has though.. :/ Lol.

You will be asked to pay an entrance fee and another fee depending on what you’re going to do for accommodation. No hotels or BnBs here. You can rent tents or use your own. We had my huge tent so we only paid tent a tent space fee of P250 for a large tent and the entrance fee of P220 per person for an overnight stay.

Pitching our tent, the boatmen helped us. It didn’t have directions. It was used only once by my brother. When I asked him, he said it just requires patience and a bit of IQ. LOL OK THANKS. We figured it out pretty quickly because the rods were colour-coded as were the parts of the tent they were supposed to go on.

After the tent was pitched, we cooked our lunch. This is no glamping trip at all. We were gonna do everything ourselves. The boatmen left and will come back for us to go island hopping in the afternoon.

Island Hopping

So there are 2 other beaches apart from the main Borawan beach. Each one has its own entrance fees. Dampalitan beach is undeveloped. The person there charged us P80 each. I saw no one else these except a few locals walking on the beach. It’s just a white sand beach with a slightly submerged spitbar of rocks that extends a ways out to the sea from the beach. It’s pretty and quiet. Can’t really swim here though as the shallows are covered with dead corals. Just so much dead coral. It’s pretty sad.

Kuwebang Lampas is another beach we visited. It has a cave that you can swim through if it’s high tide or wade through when tide is low. The water here when we were there was quite murky. It was the most crowded out of all the beaches we went to. The cave is vandalised with names and other words scratched on the rocks. We were going to walk further around on the other side but a couple told us they saw an electric eel. So.. nah ees ok we good. We just stayed at the mouth of the cave. There’s also an entrance fee but I don’t know how much because no one approached us when we went there.

It took about 5 hours to get there, including the boat trip from the town. It was fun. But what we did was too tiring. We all agreed we shouldn’t have cooked, too. We didn’t really have a lot of time to be lazy. The stars at night were really something, though. You can’t really see that much stars in the city. I don’t think we will come back though. I think Borawan is good for a one-time visit just to see what it’s about. It’s getting more crowded and along with the crowds, the beaches are getting less pristine. It’s definitely worth a visit just to get away from the city and bum around on a quiet beach.

Goodbyes are better with a doggo butt butt<3

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