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Mt. Batulao, a rocky river, Sonya’s Garden & a new pupper!

Dusty paths sprinkled with wildflowers, the fresh chilly air early in the morning and an easy, interesting climb to the peak using feet, hands and ropes- Mt. Batulao was one of the quicker hikes I’ve been on. To be sat by a river, reading a book under the shade of trees after washing the dust off in the cool waters was the perfect, refreshing end to the trek. But to top it all off wasn’t the river or a visit to a flower garden with gorgeous blooms and a bakery.. It’s a new pupper my friends took home from the side of a road.

Starting at the break of dawn, the air is nippy and you pass by doggos, cats, horses, ducks. The sun was already a bit high up as we reached a bit of height.

To the top!

After a while, we came to a fork. And I realised that it’s only now that the real trek starts, lol. Our guide took us on the Old Trail. The new one is supposedly easier.

Some wildflowers:

And another horsie.

This big ol ant carrying a tiny flower.. do ants eat flowers?

Fresh buko juice at some of the 5 stops literally saved me.. because guess who forgot to bring water?

After some rock climbing on a steep side of the mountain, we reached the peak.

Going back down, we went on a different path.. Wonder whose solar panel that is on the side of the trail. Those things are super useful.

Some ropes again going down the other side. Please ignore Vinx’s comments, lol.

All throughout the trek it’s been breezy and windy and sunny at the same time but there were always trees around us. As we reached the more exposed parts of the trail with no trees on either side, the wind was free to whip up the dry soil all around us..

In total, it took us about 2 hrs 45 mins from the start to the peak and 2 hrs going back down the other way. Had lunch back at the 1st check point and more yum buko. The lady there also makes some yummy halohalo and she was ok with us choosing only the ingredients we want (beans be gone). It was perfect as it was very hot by lunchtime.

After that, we dusted off, washed up a little and went to the nearby river to cool off.

Hopping on rocks

And reading by a rushing river.

Next we went to Sonya’s Garden. And there be flowers.

Lots of flowers.

And butterflies..

And pretty doors

While walking around, we saw Sonya herself who told us they have a new place that we should see. They called it (aptly, if not unimaginatively) the Proposal Garden.. at Sonya’s Garden. But nevermind because it’s breathtakingly beautiful inside. There was only one table with two chairs, and a few benches nextled in the flower maze inside. I think they took everything they had that bloomed any shade of pink, purple and red and just stuffed them in there with water features.. the effect is just gorgeous. Although it can probably have uses other than proposals.. special anniversaries for example.

The next time we go back, the Proposal Garden will probably have look more full & wild once the flowers have had time to grow in the space.

This will end with a picture of a pupper going home to a new family.. Meet Baileybaileybailey:

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Ok bucketlist moment. JAPAN. What an interesting place Tokyo is. I will never get tired of the food. I feel like I’ve done too little. 5 days is definitely too short. I’m no Japan-crazy person, I don’t even watch anime, but I love many things that just happen to be Japanese- their insanely yummy food, at times questionable fashion and the countless clever little gadgets and useless but kawaii things found everywhere.
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