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When Sephora PH opened for business (online) out of the blue this January 2016, I checked it out right away. But then I saw very few brands offered, with most already available in local stores, and my excitement popped like bubbles. If I have the choice to go to a store where I can swatch the products rather than be buying blindly online, guess which one I’d rather do. Definitely one of the downsides to online shopping for makeup. Lots of research needs to be done to get the right shade, especially if you’re trying the makeup for the first time. Which is what I did (Temptalia ftw).

I’ve been on this hunt for cruelty-free brands to replace all my existing makeup so back to I went to check if they had Too Faced. It isn’t available here in the Philippines (to my knowledge) and I wanted to try Too Faced’s Cocoa Powder Foundation to replace my everyday MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. Powder foundations work better for me than liquid types. Well lo and behold, it seemed like they just started carrying Too Faced a couple weeks ago. *fistpump*

This is my experience with (formerly Luxola).

Online shopping is def. not a sport

You just sit in front of your screen/phone/whatever and shop by type of product or by brand. When I saw they had Too Faced listed under Brands, I got excited beyond words. They definitely have more brands offered now than when they first launched. “U” is greyed out still so, no Urban Decay yet for sure. You can also see that with a minimum purchase of P1,300, you get free shipping. *fistpump* Oh and just before check out, the homepage updated and I saw there was a 15% off coupon starting that day, May 5! *so many fistpumps*

  • Take my money!

    So I ordered what I wanted and then proceeded to check out and paid. Orders are fulfilled by Aramex. Everything has been straightforward and easy upto now. The FAQs say that you will get an email to track your order with the shipper. I did get an email with the order number and order details. It didn’t say anything about how to track the shipping, just that it will be delivered by Aramex.

  • Order confirmation Order confirmation
  • Now what?

    After 2 days, without further update, I tried using the Order Number to see if it was also the shipping number that I can track with Aramex. No dice. It either wasn’t the correct number or the record hasn’t been created at the shipping company yet. It wasn’t clear. Mustered up some more patience, and did nothing. A few hours later, I got another email with the Shipping Details. The Aramex tracking page is very detailed, although not error free. You can see 2 entries for “Departed Operations facility – In Transit”.

    I was refreshing this page quite often- one of the updates happened while staying up late, refreshing another page (Philippine election results, lol).

    It was also great that I could kind of tell when the package arrived in the Operations Facility near me the night before I got it, that I will get it the next day and plan my day accordingly.

  • Aramex tracking Aramex tracking

Small things come in big (& sooty) packages

Today, 7 days from date ordered, I received my package (yay!). You just have to sign off for the delivery and they hand it to you. That freaking easy! No customs duties or taxes. You don’t get that white postcard that means you have to get your butt to the local post office, praying that you don’t have to pay more than it’s worth or that your package is still there or unopened or complete (all of the above, if you’re lucky). It was a hot day but the package felt even warmer. It was also quite dirty with black sooty smudges allover. It was dusty and looked like it went through some kind of an ordeal just to get to me, the poor thing.

  • package shipped by Aramex package shipped by Aramex
  • package shipped by Aramex package shipped by Aramex

So pretty!

But the important thing is that all the items inside were in great condition. The compacts were working and nothing was damaged. The powder pans and mirrors weren’t cracked or broken. Not a mark on the boxes, even. Look at the packaging! How pretty! I was excited to open these. I’m a pretty impatient person so waiting for something 7 days after buying and paying for them was a bit of a torture.

10/10 will buy again

It took 7 days from the days from the day I ordered and paid to the day the items arrived on my doorstep. I think that’s a bit of a wait but this is my best experience with online shopping. I’ve experienced fully paid shoes disappearing, items arriving not in the quality shown in photographs, high shipping fees and hassle dealing with the post office/customs. I can live with this for Too Faced and other cruelty-free products not available in the country. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy if I had gotten something like Benefit, as it would be easier to just go to the local branch (which I wouldn’t either, as they aren’t cruelty-free, as they will not test on animals except where required by law.. and they sell in China where they require makeup sold be tested on animals).

So yes, overall I will definitely do this again but only for products I can’t get locally or another easier way.

The author: Crisel Eslao

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