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One of the great side effects of watching food-related shows is learning of new things to try and eat. Ok but maybe not so great when you're binge watching at 3am when there’s nothing you can do..
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One day while browsing stuff, I came across a link about a place called Borawan. It said it's called Borawan because it's got sand like Boracay
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Chocolate Lava Cake & Recipe

In which I snort *accidentally* a lot of cocoa powder. How to make a chocolate lava cake, with photos and a tweaked recipe. I've never made one so first I searched around for a lava cake recipe. I have a good recipe for moist chocolate cake, my Holy Grail chocolate cake that never seems to fail to make people happy, but I’m pretty sure lava cakes are different so I didn’t go with that HG chocolate cake recipe.
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Pop CultureTravel

Netflix’s Atelier (2015)

Netflix has arrived here in the Philippines and I certainly felt like a kid during her first time at a candy store, with all the TV series and movies available at a tap. But one of the shows that caught my eye was Atelier. (If this is too long, here’s the TL;DR version found at the end.) Mayuko moved to Tokyo and finds a job at Emotion, a couture lingerie boutique in Ginza. Atelier is a workplace-based coming of age series where Mayuko finds herself and figures out what she really wants to do.
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Fashion at Work

Pretty in pink

I’ve been fixing my website and stumbled on the photos of this skirt with asymmetrical hem I made for a friend. I just love how it looks, it suits my friend's style! It’s reversible. When worn with the swiss-dotted organza outside, it’s fluffy and fun. When worn inside out with the soft-as-butter jersey outside, it’s a slimmer, slinkier silhouette.
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