Hello, I’m Crisel.

I’ve been blogging since the 00’s before I even knew about the word for what I was doing. Tutorials then were few and I remember sobbing in front of an unfeeling copy of Photoshop in frustration. I just wanted a pretty layout ok. I used to write my blog entries in html using Notepad. Every entry. And used a free .tk domain, if anyone remembers those, lol. Words have always been one of my joys. Writing and reading, then drawing scenes from books I’ve read as I imagine them.

Right after studying Fashion Design, I was hired by the country’s leading fashion retail brand as a womenswear designer where, with a team of graphic designers, we created trendy teens, women & childrenswear.. even accessories such as bags, socks, umbrellas and more. There, I learned a lot about the fast fashion industry- studying trends, designing within strict retail budgets and then producing designs- all at a fast pace.

Fast forward to now.. I make custom wedding gowns, illustrations and textile prints, and occasionally, my dad’s button-down shirts. I work with many fashion startupsall over the world, helping them flesh out their ideas by illustrations and other fashion services. Other illustrations have been printed on various accessories, tees, magazines etc. I still get the urge to take a photo each time I see my drawings on a tee worn by a passing stranger.

Working with my bespoke wedding gown clients, using only the most luxurious fabrics and intricate couture techniques is such a stark contrast to designing for retail.

So here it is, fashion from both ends of the spectrum, with lots of doodling in between.


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Frequently asked questions, answered. If you have questions of your own, use the contact form on this page and choose FAQ. Answers will be posted here .

I’m a fashion designer. I worked as the fashion designer of Herbench, Kashieca, PinoyLAB and Bench Tweeners. I have current clients allover the world who I create designs for.

I’m a couturier. I make wedding gowns and other custom wear.

I’m an illustrator. I also draw, make logos & textile print designs. I’ve illustrated for an author of a children’s book. See my stuff in Portfolio.

Lol, yes. Crichi.com was my other web before, which I let go of.
Born in the Philippines. I did live for a few years in the US and Netherlands.
Lots of schools. Most relevantly, I finished Fashion Design at LaSalle College International.
Sure, use the form to the left so I can get your contact info and a bit more information.

Have passport.
Will travel.

11 down,
more to go

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